Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where did I put my libido?


I am feeling painfully restless tonight. I'm not sure what I want, or if it is something that I can go out and find. I think this is a feeling that comes over me when I am on an upswing from my depression. I start feeling better, and feel like I should have more going on. But I don't.

I wish there was a place where all the single guys like me would gather just for conversation. You know, like a well lit coffee house, with not too loud of music, and not too many posers. You could just drop by, grab something to drink, and plant yourself down into one of several sofas, or over-stuffed chairs, and join in a conversation. It would be a given that anyone that walks in is immediately acknowledged, and welcomed. There would be no overt cruising, just light, fun, or even deep, conversation. Yes, at the end of the evening you could trade telephone numbers, and plan to gather again another evening, or just drop by again, as there would always be a number of guys eager for some interaction.

No, there are not groups to join. I've looked. No, the online thing isn't doing it for me. And no, I haven't been to yoga in months. I'm not really looking for ideas on where to meet guys, or how to meet guys. Okay, maybe I would like to know how, but what I think I am exploring is the desire to be back out there again. I briefly entered the land of the living last month, only to sink back into the safety of my home. I'm also well aware that I'm feeling especially lonely right now because the two year anniversary is coming up soon. For that reason in itself, I'm not sure this would be the best time to meet anyone new. I'm almost certain that I would just retreat once again, but who knows, the two year mark may not be any different than today, or yesterday.

I just know that I am spending too much time each evening staring at this computer screen, expecting something, or someone, to jump out. It's just not going to happen that way. I need companionship, and I need it from another man right now. No, not necessarily sex, as that has not been of any interest for me in the last couple of months. Which makes me question, where the hell did I put my libido? It appears to have been missing from my life for quite some time now. It's like something you just stop using, then after awhile you forget that you even had it. Then one day it occurs to you, hey, I used to have a very nice libido? I wonder where I put it? You go through all of your drawers. You open up the boxes you have stacked in the corner. You go through both of your cars. The kids start to ask, hey dad, what are you looking for? You say, well, something I misplaced, but not to worry, I will find it. Then you return to your search without ever having to identify that which you are searching for. The kids say, well, let us know if you want some help searching for whatever it is. Okay. Thanks.

Okay, so let's say I find the damn thing. Then what? At this point, really, what would I do with my libido? Yeah, I could take it for a walk by myself. But hey, I've been doing that most of my adult life. For a short time I was able to share it with someone that I loved. I always knew where it was when Michael was around. I never lost it then. Well, maybe I would put it aside at times, but I always knew it was there when I had need for it.

Oh well, it's getting kind of late in the evening. No sense to looking for it now. If I remember, I'll look for it tomorrow.


  1. When you find yours, let me know. Mine might be in the same place. But actually, I don't think I care if I ever find it. (-:

    I sometimes try to figure out what it is that I want or am looking for. That imaginary coffee house sounds rather nice. Someone needs to open at least one in your area.

    Can't find what I'm looking for in a coffee house or in a computer. Nope. I think I just want a friend like Don. Someone to go hiking and kayaking with, or set up easels and paint, or a kiln to throw clay and spin pots. Someone to take their turn letting the dogs out in the middle of the night. Must be quiet and a good conversationalist. It would be nice if he had a good working knowledge of nature, art, and literature. Oh, and like working on wrecky old greek revival houses. Must be in good enough shape to lug a canoe or kayak over a portage. Must not be looking for a nurse to get him through his old age - already had to chase a couple of that kind away. (-: Platonic relationship only. Sort of like having an interesting roomie. Hard to find that though, I think. With my luck, I would end up with the roomie from hell, who likes to listen to loud music and fry bacon and eggs in the middle of the night, Hmmm.... maybe I am better off free and alone. Dunno.

  2. all i got right now is *
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  3. I totally related to this libido post. I lost my libido as well and most days don't really care to look for it. Like you said, sure if I find it I could take it for a walk, but that dosent even sound like that much fun either. I am sure you will find it again, it's just a matter of time.

    I think we have a group (in Madison, WI)and a place where men meet that is not a bar (thank god)once a week to talk, etc. I will have to check it out and hope it's a good as it sounds. In the mean time, I am fine without it and will stumble upon it eventually.

    Thanks again for sharing this blog and your posts. Take care. Vern

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