Saturday, February 12, 2011


I sit here surrounded by beauty. I love beautiful things. I have carefully selected each item to bring into my home. Each possesses a quality that brings me to peace. Each has a aesthetic that blends with what ever mood I am in.

Tonight I am feeling pensive. Is that a feeling?

I went to a cocktail party tonight. It was a client appreciation event given by my realtor, Jonathan. He is a wonderful guy, and puts so much effort into bringing each of his clients into the fold of his family. I got to meet a few new people, and was especially excited to meet Patricia, the loan officer for my new home. We had corresponded by phone and email, and even shared some thoughts on grief along the way. It was nice to put a person, a face, to the voice.

Going out like tonight is such a stretch for me. It is quite far beyond my comfort zone. I was thinking about this on my way home. I kind of have two distinct persona's these days. At work, as a professional, I am very self assured, and find a way to connect with people everyday. At home, in my personal life, I am much more reserved, and feel more vulnerable.

I went tonight, as I think Jonathan would have been disappointed if I didn't show up, but it was so tempting to find a reason not to go. You see, I am very uncomfortable in these social types of situations. I was also more filled with anxiety, as the room would be filled with many happy new home owners, which I assumed would translate to many happy couples. I was right.

I realize that it has been 17 months that I have been single once again, but I still feel like I am wearing a sweater that doesn't truly fit. It feels stiff, and unlived in. I know that the more I wear it out in public, the more it will soften, and in time it will be an old familiar and comfortable fit.

As I stood there, smiling at everyone at the party, I couldn't help but think about the person missing to my right. He was also a bit of a wall flower at such events, so we were perfectly matched in that way.

You know, this road has been quite difficult. It has introduced me to a level of pain I never knew existed. It introduced me to a life I never wanted, nor was ready for. But I must say, I have come a long way. When I drove up to my home, I sat in the car, and decided to check my email on my phone. There was a message that was left on a blog post from last year, entitled Gay Grief. It is the one post that usually comes up quickly in a Google search, which is exactly like I wanted it to.

Back when all this started, 17 months ago, I sat there on my bed, in the middle of the night, and tried to find someone out there, someone with a voice like mine. I didn't find it. I was looking to something for this heart broken gay husband, who had just been transformed into a widower. I felt so alone, and could feel myself sinking deeper and deeper into despair. Those feeling didn't get any better for quite a long time, but I just kept on writing, as it gave me a reason to wake up the next day.

Tonight a new gay widower found my blog, and poured out his heart. He too knows despair. He too is feeling so alone. He too wonders why he is here. I share this to let him know, and all others that need to hear it, we are here. There are many of us here. We know your pain. Some of us have wondered how we will survive without the person we love. Some of us have come close to making a choice to end it all. I was one of those people. I am pleased to say that I survived one very scary night, and I continue to survive. Is my life easier these days? Yes. Do I still feel the deep pain of my loss? Yes, again.

I do believe that there will be beauty again in my life, and in my heart. I do believe that I will slowly become more comfortable away from my own home. I do hope that my nights will not always be so quiet, and so alone. Until then, I will continue to stretch my wings. I will continue to draw peace and comfort from the beauty that I surround myself with. I will continue to find joy in the little things I do each day.

Today I worked on my backyard. It is lined with very tall, and out of control, bamboo. It grows faster than I can keep up with, and takes a great amount of strenuous work to maintain, but it is quite satisfying. I do like hard work. I love to look behind me, and see all that I have accomplished.

When I was done working, I got myself something cold to drink, then sat on a chair out on my back deck. The sun was shining brightly, and there was a lovely cool breeze. I looked up at the sky, and saw beauty. I smiled, and felt joy.


  1. "draw peace and comfort from the beauty that I surround myself with" - once again, my friend, you delivered exactly what beauty was needed this morning.

    Not only does this sweater not fit me yet, it's ugly and scratchy and most definitely not my color. But I can still pick up heart rocks on the beach while wearing it, and it has big pockets to hold them. Big ugly pockets, but pockets.

  2. He was also a bit of a wall flower at such events, so we were perfectly matched in that way.

    That describes us too. I was more the wallflower, and Don was a little less so, but we always had each other to talk to at functions. Last weekend, I attended the event where my art installation was exhibited. It was a masquerade ball and people were moving about in couples or small troupes - except me. I brought my camera and shot photos - my way of "being there" while making myself reasonably comfortable wandering on the periphery. Wearing a mask helped too. That said, as a lone wolf type, it's all still difficult - the sweater seems to belong to someone else - but I will find creative ways to make it work.

    Your home is looking beautiful - serene. The bamboo in the garden is probably one of those mixed blessings - a nuisance, but also a project. That's how I see the old house in Nova Scotia. Although I will have some regrets about leaving the southwest in a few weeks, I know that the old place awaits my arrival for another season of work. There's something kind of nice about knowing what I'll be doing this summer.

  3. "wallflower" - that would be a great name for a custom vertical wall garden business.

  4. megan - ha ha! what a great idea!

  5. How beautiful that youa re able to provide companionship, to be found, by those who need you, and that this enables you to see how far you have come.
    That's what this is all about, isn't it? Connections, and love.
    I'm so glad you can see the beauty around you.

  6. love the topic of your post -- beauty. life is after all still beautiful with or without the pain that we feel every now and then.