Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Satisfying Day

Bush Lily (Clivia)

I had a satisfying day. It started with an early morning trip to my favorite place in the world, The Home Depot. Go ahead and laugh, but I love this place. Whenever I walk through the store I am in my element, and at peace. It is pure nirvana.

I got a couple of unsolicited comments in the checkout line, as my cart was overflowing with gardening and yard work items. I had six pots of bush lilies, bark ground covering, a new water hose, water hose reel, a rake, and an old fashioned push reel lawn mower.

"Are you going to get all that done today?"

"I guess we know how you're spending your weekend."

It was kind of funny. I love chatting with people at Home Depot. Everyone is always involved in some kind of project. And, everyone loves to talk, and give advice. I also love working on the yard, especially the front yard. It always gives me the opportunity to talk to people as they come walking by. Most of the day I didn't see a soul around, but it was kind of hot, and I suppose most wanted to stay in where it was cool. Not me, obviously. When the air began to cool off, the sidewalks began to fill with folks walking their dogs, or pushing baby strollers. That's when I get to talk to people. They always ask about the house, and if I am enjoying it. Apparently everyone in the neighborhood had been through my house before I bought it. I suppose whenever a house goes on the market, everyone is curious how it compares to their own. I love it, as my house is so different from every other house in the area, so there is always some fun questions asked.

Toward the end of the afternoon I pulled out a lounge chair, and sat under my tree reading online. Modern technology meets good old fashioned relaxation. As is usually the case after a day like this, my poor old body is sufficiently sore. My son, Remy, reminded me that I have that big lovely bath tub, that has only been used once. He also reminded me that I had bought all those bath and spa products, so I should go soak in them, and completely relax. I did just that, and it was wonderful.

Now the house is quiet, well, except for the sound of two boys hollering at the electronic game they are playing in the far off bedroom. Unfortunately, the hollering and laughter will be going on late into the night, as Remy has a friend sleeping over. Damn, I should have invited a friend to sleep over too!


  1. Your place and the neighborhood sounds so terrific. How cool to have neighbors who take an interest in what you're doing with the gardens. There are just some places where people love gardens. Shortly after I got to the old place in N.S., one of my nieghbors told me that if I liked gardening, I would fit in really well as everyone in the area was kind of nuts about it.

    Hey, I love Home Depot too! Also the family owned nursery near the old house in Nova Scotia. Each time I went there, I would pick out another rhododendron for my garden - but stopped at three. Then I found another family run nursery where I started buying rose bushes. Then I was told about a woman who was selling off a huge number of perennials due to reducing the size of her cut flower business. I got about 15 clumps of perennials from her. This year, I intend to check out the hostas at a woman's place down the road from me - she runs a little "hostas only" nursery out of her back yard. All of the above sure kept me busy digging holes in the garden last summer! (-:

  2. I also love the local, and family owned nurseries. The only problems is that I always get out of control, and end up buying so much more than I planned. I'll likely head on back out tomorrow morning, and pick up just a few more things to plant.

    Love it. Love it. Love it.

  3. I'm glad you had such a great day. We're waiting for spring here, and with all the snow it still could be a while, but I'm now itching to start my new perennial garden that I prepared and area for last year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I get out of control too - an invariably end up buying way too many plants for the places that are prepared. Then I have work like nuts for a day or two digging up more spots. Although I don't leave here for another month and won't be out to N.S. before around May 1st, I've been researching sources of herb plants and rhododendrons.

    Love it, love it, love it, too. (-:

  5. It was so damn good to hear the smile in your voice / words :-)

    Love you

  6. Love that you admitted your extreme affection for the Home Depot. My kids hate the store because of me always dragging them to it when they were little for DIY home repair projects that I always ended up botching up in the end. I ended up hating it too after my husband died because I'd always see couples together picking out the stuff for their home projects. It was nice to hear of another person's positive experiences so vastly different than mine.

  7. Wow it's nice to know that you had a great house. I hope you can post pictures.