Friday, March 25, 2011

Blue Skies

Sun Worship

Today's weather in San Diego was rather odd. There were moments that it would pour down heavy rainfall, then as if walking into a different room, complete bright sunshine. I was out attending to several appointments I had, so I was able to experience this in dramatic fashion as I drove along the freeway.

How similar it is with grief. There are definitely periods of long days of rain, followed by weeks of a lighter heart. It doesn't always move along with consistency, but can have some familiar seasons. In between such periods, I have found my grief to be more that of today's weather, moving along my day, and being caught off guard by a sudden outpouring of grief. Then, within a moment or two, the sun comes out, and my spirit is lifted.

Late in the day, and it would appear that the sun was won out.


  1. beautiful analogy and so true. i hope your saying that the sun won out also meant you ended your day feeling a little better. i love the photo. so perfect. peace, Friend.

  2. Jimmy, you are so funny. You know, my head has been somewhere else this past week. I keep picking up this computer, then close it back down. I did write for Widow's Voice on Monday, as I do have an obligation there. I think I needed to let some things gel for awhile before I reflect on them in my writing. Not sure if it will come through tonight, but definitely soon.

    You made me laugh.