Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Special Day

Close-up of fluted champagne glass ready for celebrating

Five years ago. Standing in the middle of a nightclub, listening to the pulsating music. An awkward tall guy came up to me, "If you don't start moving you hips people will think you are straight." I smile, even laugh a bit, and he moved back across the room.

It takes me a couple of more songs to realize that this was the guy's lame attempt at flirting with me. I seen him standing by the dance floor, looking my way. I smile again, walk across the floor, and say, "Well, I don't see you dancing either."

Well, as the old saying goes, we danced the night away, and never stopped.

Michael and I loved to dance, and we loved to flirt with each other. We hired a dance instructor to help us choreograph our "first dance" at our wedding, and there were many nights when we danced to his favorite Bette Midler song in our kitchen. These are all such precious memories.

This was the night that we always celebrated as our anniversary. We would always go out for a romantic dinner together. My favorite evening was one spent at a cute little french restaurant the Michael was eager to try. It had about seven courses, each with a special wine pairing. This was the year before his tumor arrived. There wasn't much that I enjoyed on the menu, but Michael was so enjoying his meal, and wine, that I just smiled and laughed throughout the whole evening. He was like a child in a candy store.

Michael loved nice things, and enjoyed "doing it up." I enjoyed "doing him." Okay, probably too much information.

Remembering this day, and it's significance, makes me feel good. I'm in a good place right now, and I'm feeling like all signs are telling me to keep taking big steps forward. I'm determined, and committed, to living the life that Michael wanted for me. One where I am happy, and one where I am loved.


  1. Happy Belated Anniversary Dan and Michael. I can feel the joy in your memories as I read your words. I'm glad that you're in a good place and that you are determined to move forward in the life Michael would want for you. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter!

  2. Glad you're in a good place. Not to worry about the tmi comment. I think about don and my intimate times quite often. Healthy memories. Happy Easter. Cook a ham with all the fixins!

  3. Wonderful anniversary memories, Dan. I too am glad to read that you're feeling in a good place these days.

  4. Those words sound so brave to me, Dan. Not brave like heroic, I Must Live My Life For Michael, but brave like

    I Have Seen It All And I Still Want To Be Here.


  5. thanks for sharing how you met. I pictured the scene in the club in my mind and my heart smiled for you x

  6. This warmed my heart, Dan. I wanted to write earlier, but as you know it's been a tough few days - but I also didn't want to forget.

    I see another similarity with Michael and Elias - as a chef, Elias certainly enjoyed fine food. It made it frustrating to eat out at times as so often nothing was quite good enough (I called him a food snob) - but on the rare occasion that we would treat ourselves to a 'fancy' restaurant, it was so fun to watch him enjoy the food.

    The night he proposed was actually in a tiny french restaurant near the waterfront, with an open kitchen that on most nights he would be working at. He catered the meal in advance to my tastes, about a 7 course meal. Best meal I've ever had, and of course the ending couldn't be beat either . . . . (a ring box, made of chocolate served on a silver platter covered with rose petals).

    Anyhow - when I read this, I could just picture Michael and Elias chatting excitedly about food together, somewhere. It made me smile.

    Love you, Dan