Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Unexpected Visitors

Circle of friends.

This has definitely been a week of social connections. It's that old saying, when it rains, it pours. Well, in the past I may have used this line to convey that I had been crying a lot, but I am pleased to say that it has been a time of pouring love, and interaction with friends.

Friday I posted a stupid April Fools joke on my Facebook account. I wrote that things were not working out for me, and I was taking my 12 year old, and moving to a meditation center in Thailand. I even went so far as to research a place where I could actually go, and that had programing for children. Well, most assumed, or perhaps, hoped, it was a joke. But, a good amount of friends began asking about a going away party. Some panicked, especially my new friends here in San Diego. I think they felt somewhat betrayed. Hey, we have really come to care about you Dan, don't leave us!

I was quick to let my local friends know that it was a joke, but I tell you, I have received a fair amount of teasing at the office all week because of this. At this point I am seriously thinking of planning a trip to the very place I joked about. I think it would be a good way to get myself back on the spiritual quest that I began this past summer.

Anyway, because of the alarm that was sent out on Friday, I got a quick request to join some friends at a local hangout. I met them for food and drinks, and had a really great time. The next night I hosted a gathering at my home for several more friends. We cooked, drank, laughed, and cried. It was a lovely evening. It gave me an opportunity to share my home for the first time. It also gave me an opportunity to connect to a couple who recently lost a child. I had a truly intimate moment, standing in my bedroom, my hand on Michael's urn, sharing with the young mother about how our pain is part of the healing process.

As this week has gone on I have received two calls from old friends in San Francisco, wanting to catch up with me. They are both planning on a visit next month, which really makes me happy. I also got invited out for a birthday lunch by a few new friends I have made in the community of which I work. One, also someone single, extended herself further by letting me know that she is always looking for someone to dine with, or to do fun things in the city. She told me never to hesitate to call, even if it is very last minute, as she loves to do things on the fly. This was a great thing to hear, as I had been thinking about asking the same of her.

I must also say that since my first day on the new job, I was blessed with the most amazing office mate. And even though I have since been transferred to a different floor in the building, she has continued to go out of her way to connect with me, and make many of these social gatherings happen. I have quickly grown to love and cherish my friendship with her.

So what am I trying to say tonight?

I am blessed. Truly blessed. Something is changing around me. I am coming out of hibernation, and as I poke my head out, I see that I am not alone. There are people there, willing, and wanting, to be a part of my life. There is no regret, okay, maybe there is, but I know that I needed to go through this dark and lonely period that the past few months have been. I needed the quiet time to mourn further, and to let things fall into place. This is not to say that everything will suddenly be rosy, but I do feel that I will no longer be allowed to completely withdraw again.

I can honestly say that I am happy at this moment. I woke up this morning, not having slept too long, or too well. I woke up with an odd feeling that I had a visitor last night. You see, I don't remember my dreams. I used to be quite a vivid dreamer. Ever since Michael died, I can only remember two dreams. That's it. There are no pictures, words, or symbols that I can recall being a part of my sleep last night, but there is a feeling, a feeling that he was there. I remember lying in bed, not being able to sleep. I kept asking Michael to come visit me. I really wanted to see him, or feel him again. I remember wishing I could have lovely dreams of us together, yet it has never happened. I don't know how it happened, or what happened, or if it happened. I only know that he was there, and that is lovely for me.


  1. i am so happy for you Dan. i remember seeing you for the first time in San Diego. it was your eyes. such joy at meeting everyone, such pain over Michael, and so much strength and willingness to live. the road is so hard and the ditches so deep, but you are shining bright with the sunshine on you and the friends, both old and new, who gravitate to your beautiful soul. i wish you peace and continued light.

  2. Wonderful news, Dan - friends and a dream to comfort you. Hugs and best wishes.

  3. Great post. I can feel the positive vibe flowing through all your words and into me, which I'm sure every reader is feeling. I pray that great energy just keeps on growing in your life. It is time! You deserve every blessing you have, and more! I'm sure Michael feels your energy and came to cheer you on.

    Much love to you,

  4. I love you Dan ... this much (*arms stretched out as far as possible*) ... so it makes my heart smile to read this post xx

  5. awesome! I keep waiting for Don to visit me in my silent dreams. I'm digging the L R converse shoes.

  6. Thanks to each of you for stopping by. You are part of my circle, and I appreciate it so much.

  7. Penne was in my dreams last night... She was alive and I said, "But I told everyone you were dead!" and she just laughed and said it would be okay. And Robert Pattinson (that guy from Twilight) was there too, hanging on the fringes, asking career advice from me ("Should I take this movie role?"). Always hard to wake up from seeing Penne... I feel like I missed something, that some tangible thing slipped through my hands. I was so relieved that she was alive. "Of course!" I thought. "She can't be dead! what a fool am I."