Friday, February 19, 2010

A Quiet Night at Home

Minimates Secret Invasion. Super Skrulls!
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Not sure which direction to go tonight. I have a terrible migraine, and nothing seems to help. I suppose it doesn't help that my son, Remy, is sitting here on my bed watching the Matrix Reloaded. What could I say? He came knocking at my door asking if he could sit with me. Then looking quite bored, asked if he could turn on my television. I said okay, but something quiet because I have a headache, and I need to write my post. So now I'm having to deal with violent images flash across the screen before me, with the sound of traffic and shooting. Lovely.

I went briefly upstairs to the kitchen to search out some more medication, and found my other son, Dante, sitting at the computer. "Hey, Dad, want to search out martial arts classes for me for tomorrow?" Well, actually son, I have a terrible headache, and just came up for more medicine. "Okay, so you want me to come down with the times of the classes so we can decide about tomorrow?" Yes Dante, that would be just fine.

Out comes our dog, Ranger, barking and snapping at my ass. "Ranger! Leave Daddy alone!" screams my daughter from her bedroom. I walk in, she's laying across her bed watching a bootleg version of the new Wolfman movie. I say, Arianne, you shouldn't watch those on the computer, besides I want to see that movie on the big screen. "Oh, let's go online right now to see when the movie is playing tomorrow. Can we go?" Well daughter, let's consider it. "Come watch with me." No thanks daughter, I need to go back downstairs and write my post.

Back downstairs, the cat, Carelli, is waiting at my door. "Meow." Alright, come inside, but leave me alone.

I'll be back upstairs as soon as I'm done writing this. We are having a bit of a celebration. My son Dante moved back home permanently today. He previously attended a residential therapeutic school. I decided that since he was 16 it was time for him to learn to be in the community full time. He is so proud to be living at home, and starting a new high school on Monday. I am also very proud of him. He has learned many new skills, and I'm feeling hopeful for him. I do have my eyes wide open though, as I know very well that this will be a challenging transition. Anyway, to celebrate the milestone, I bought a wonderful sugar filled chocolate sheet cake, complete with sprinkles.

Now the power just went out in the neighborhood. It's a good thing that I always have candles burning in my room for Michael. Suddenly all the kids are screaming, scared. I have three of them, 11, 16 and 18, all huddled on Daddy's bed. You would think I have babies. Maybe I do. As type this I have Ranger sitting on my feet, and Carelli meowing about having to share his space. So much for a peaceful evening.

Oh, my headache is suddenly better.


  1. It seems there never is real peace--especially with all you are going through. You have a wonderful spirit with your children!

  2. I must say that I'm totally in awe of how you manage.

  3. You have so much to be proud about. You're a lucky man to be surrounded by such great youthful life. Your attitude is to be applauded. Thanks for a little piece of your day.

  4. A wonderful post celebrating family and the spirit of love and life that lives on despite loss. The photo to accompany this post couldn't be better!