Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas arrives in San Francisco

Holidays in San Francisco,
originally uploaded by Della Huff Photography.
The hour is now late, and I feel the need to be alone at midnight. Throughout the evening I've been aware of my fellow bloggers sharing their experience of welcoming in Christmas alone, without their spouses. They have each signed off now, and me being on the west coast, I will be the last.

To each of you that may read this in the morning, know that I am thinking of each of you as the lights dim here in San Francisco. If some of you reading today's posts are new visitors, welcome to my blog. It is always a humble experience to know that so many take the time to read what I express each day. Always feel free to leave a comment, and share what you are searching for.

If I can be of support, then I am so happy to do so. Know that your presence is a source to comfort to me.

Merry Christmas Michael.

Tonight the song that I'm feeling is Faith Hill's "Where Are You Christmas?"


  1. What a beautiful song - I played it twice because my dogs decided to bark through most of the first attempt! Well howl actually ... Barney will attempt to sing along occasionally and then the deaf one just copies him. So, I managed with their help to enjoy the second attempt - thank you for sharing. The words were so apt.

    I hope that dinner with your kids goes well. Don't feel bad if more tears come, they are bound to my friend.

    I think we have encapsulated the spirit of xmas, we few, all looking out for each other on xmas eve, and I am so glad that I found you :-)

    Happy Christmas Dan


  2. it is a beautiful song. inspiring. what i am trying to get to. but, alas, waking alone on Christmas Day, well...

    thank you for your thoughts. at least in your words, you seem so much stronger than i at this time. no younger children to put on the facade of joy for, no friends calling or dropping by. the hours ticked by slowly. but then i awaken to this song and your words of hope for comfort.

    thank you. Merry Christmas. Happy Birthday, Jesus.

  3. Dan - Your spirit and strength did reach me last night and made the evening unexpectedly mellow and bittersweet vs. awful and dismal. Thank you for those positive vibrations that made it into my heart. Thanks and love to my other friends too. I think the tree of hands was truly glowing.

  4. I hope you Dan, and everyone else who shares your blog finds comfort and hope this Christmas time.

    Christmas Wishes from the other side of 'The Pond'.