Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I'm getting ready to head out for an evening church service with my boys. I decided it would be good for us, and fill in some of the time tonight. We just finished our dinner, and the boys are anxious to open their gifts. I told them they could open them tonight, this way I can possibly sleep in tomorrow.

The day has been very busy, much busier than I expected for some reason. I was fine until I set the table and started to serve dinner. At that point I just lost control and began sobbing. The boys were very supportive and loving. We said a prayer of thanks for having had Michael in our lives.

I'm hoping my daughter will come by, as she has been absent for a while. Our relationship is very strained right now because of dynamics which relate to some issues she needs to work out. In all, I would say my life is very complicated right now. But tonight is about the blessings.

Later when we have returned from church, and the boys are done with their gifts, I will have time to catch my breath. My plan at that point is to watch the original animated version of Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! It was Michael's favorite Christmas feature. It always moved him to tears for some reason. I'm sure I will also be crying along with him tonight.

Here is the Who's Welcome Christmas.


  1. you are blessed with such wonderful sons. it feels so good to know that your children understand and can be there for you, that all the love you've given them and the good example you've set has taught them and given them the strength to support you.

    it's so hard, been so hard for me tonight. Boo went to bed. i've been sewing, trying to get sleepy without having to resort to Tylenol PM, but somehow i end up taking one tablet at least 2 or 3 times a week. i will have to do it tonight. it helps me sleep and does take away the pain from my hand from all the sewing.

    i love the film you're going to watch. the words, the songs. it's ironic you brought it up as one set of words starts my poem i dashed off earlier this evening, waiting for midnight my time.

    your tears are not being shed alone. you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. i hope you sleep tight tonight. and i hope your daughter works out her issues so that she doesn't miss any more time spent with you.

    bless you and peace always.

  2. I think you came up with a very solid, safe and comforting plan for Christmas Eve with you and your boys. I hope it went well and that you were able to eventually catch your breath and sleep in.