Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tree of Hands

tree of hands,
originally uploaded by UnklStuart.

This is how I see today. This is what will get me through the day. This is how I propose you get through the day. Join me in reaching out to each other today. Yes, we will have our loved ones in our hearts, we may find some part of our tradition that includes them in our celebration. But our reality is, they are gone, and we hurt. And yes, we may need more. I see this tree as symbolic of each of us bloggers, reaching out to each other each day as we do. During the holidays, let us make conscious choices about being there for each other.

I am looking at this tree of hands, and have chosen the one I will use to symbolize by contribution to your support. Which hand will be yours? Each of us will get a feeling about which color speaks to us. Each of us will decide what part of the tree we can become. Are we feeling strong, and are willing to take a place at the base of the tree, holding up those that may need extra help today. Are we in need, and willing to place our self on top, so as to feel the strength of the many bloggers who know our pain. Yes, it is not easy to ask for this help, but here it is.

At this very moment I'm am feeling secure, and offer my strength for you. Know that I will be one of the hands reaching out to you should you that need my support.

I am the red hand at the base of the tree, just to the right. The color is meant to bring you some cheer, the position is to help provide balance. Who knows, later today I may become a different hand, with different needs. Maybe you will move about the tree today as well. Maybe we will occupy the same hand, maybe we are placed in polar opposite places, yet provide balance for each other.

Where are you?


  1. Well, that's me right there ... the pink (of course) hand at the base, because I want to be supportive so badly, and equally I recognise that I'm a little wobbly, so you will notice the pink hand is pointing downwards, in the opposite direction to the other hands at the base of the tree. Or maybe it's pointing downwards because she's going to catch someone falling later on ... but I'm there with you.

    What a wonderful picture and sentiment. You are a special person and Michael was as lucky to have you in his life and heart as you were him, you know? I just had to tell you that.

  2. i'm the red hand on the left, third down from the top. i'm a little out there. i look like i'm falling, or maybe i jumped. maybe i thought that i saw a Dragon pass above the clouds and i reached out too far. or not far enough.

    your thoughts are beautiful. the image, sublime. i should have everyone mail me a tracing of their hands and make a quilt. tell me your favorite color and the favorite color of your spouse. names, dates, all the fingertips touching. spouse to spouse, widow to widower, friend to friend. how big would it be? we could be the "Grief stricken of the Traveling Quilt." everyone gets a turn. it's something to think about.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this today. I so needed it and appreciate it. It is like receiving a very special Christmas card from a dear friend.

    I love that this tree shows our connectedness and support. I am having a hard time this year and see myself as the middle blue hand to the far right. It is on its own because right now I do not feel as though I can provide much strength to others. And I know also that much of what I have to work out will be on my own. But at the same time I feel the glow and concern of all those hands surrounding me.

    Looking at this tree is a treat because it makes me feel embraced. You've made a difference in my life today and I'm grateful.

  4. I'll be posting again later tonight, but wanted to thank each of you for stopping by. I'm going to focus on each of our hands tonight, reminding myself what a gift each of you are to me, and to each other.

    Love. Dan