Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Move In The Right Direction

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Shannon K

I have made my first step toward my relocation to San Diego. Yesterday I sent off the extensive application to the San Diego Superior Court for a position they currently have posted. This is the first time I have applied for a job in 23 years. Can you believe that? It was a very strange experience to be responding to all of these questions, and trying to sell someone on my skills and attributes. I plan on looking into others jobs in the area, as I don't want to put all my expectations on one possible job.

I have also looked into the schools that my kids would attend, where they have Jiu Jitsu classes, and where the nearest Guitar Center is located. But I'm getting a little ahead of myself. I haven't even talked to a realtor about getting my house on the market yet. The kids are getting a little over anxious about the move, and are trying to pin me down to a specific date. I keep telling them I'm not in a hurry, but I want to get things moving. I need to find a job first. I also told them the plan is that we would definitely try to be out of here before the end of the summer.

I'm continuing to feel like this is definitely movement in the right direction. I'm feeling so optimistic about my immediate future. Suddenly at work I'm am being a bit more productive, likely because I feel as though I am finding my way of out it. Today we got word about the many cuts we are having to take in wages in order to prevent further layoffs. People are getting more and more anxious, and we are all becoming resentful about the big financial compromises we workers are being asked to take on. Today someone asked what I was going to opt for regarding having to pay for our own parking beginning in July. I quickly said I didn't plan to be here by then. A few people overheard my comment through the cubicles, and there was a quick round of laughter. After the laughter came to an end I said in a more serious tone that I seriously hoped to be out of there soon. People at the office are beginning to see just how serious I am about all of this. I'm beginning to feel very good about the idea of moving on, and I'm ready to push forward further.

My whole being is feeling lifted these days. I feel like I am beginning to experience my day to day life with a new sense of hope.


  1. It sounds like there are some solid practical reasons for your relocation, especially all of the salary cutbacks, etc..
    When Don died, I think my family and friends were a little shocked by the raw determination which I had when it came to plotting a new course for the future. In actual fact, some of the changes were things Don and I had discussed before he died -- that I should probably find a new place to live as I'd never really fit in that well in the area of our farm. Don grew up in that area, but despite living there for many years, it always seemed that I was an outsider. Also, I'm an artist and the area was really a bit of a wasteland in that respect. Don said I should try to find a place where there would be other artists and I could finally find people like myself. It seems as though that is happening. But it has taken a lot of determination. However, one thing I can say after caring for Don and going through all of this stuff -- and I think you are going to find this as well -- you learn how to focus all of that raw determination that got you through the hard times and use it in a way that others can't even begin to comprehend. I try to see that as the one "good" that came out of all the stuff that happened to Don and I -- to not waste what has been learned and experienced -- and to put it to good use in trying to do what Don would have liked me to do with my life in his absence. It seems to make sense to do this -- to put the necessary changes into effect -- and not allow myself to be paralyzed by grief. Again, just some thoughts.

  2. Dan,
    I've been a little out of the loop lately so I'm not totally up on what you've been posting but I'm so happy to read the positive tone in this one. I can feel the excitement coming through and I am so happy that you are moving in a direction that feels right to you. Good luck with the job search!