Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Needed to Vent

Just Need to Vent
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Well, well, what a surprise, huh?

Yes, I'm still awake.

No, sleep hasn't announced it's arrival yet.

Yes, I'm feeling better.

No, I'm not looking forward to tomorrow.

Yes, my son Remy is restlessly sleeping in my bed.

No, probably not the best thing if I want to sleep myself.

Yes, I'm as crazy as I sound.

No, I won't go off on you if you try to engage me tomorrow.


  1. I so hope you got SOME sleep x

  2. I can so relate to being up late, not being able to sleep and having a sleeping, albeit restless, son sleeping in your bed. Not the best odds for waking up rested. Hope your odds improve tonight!

  3. Well, the sleeping son was the wrong prescription needed. When he showed up at the door I thought, it can't get any worse. I did help a little, as I didn't want this computer light on him too long. I at least got a few hours in.

    Both of us stayed home from work/school today. I am going to acually nap.

    BTW, to all of you widows heading for San Diego in August, they now have two men registered. Count me in!

    I told Michele that I would write a post encouraging men to participate. Suppose I could promise lot of hot babes!

  4. YAY! I am so happy you are coming. Tell the other men we can pole-dance if you like, I don't mind! xxx

  5. Boo, you are so funny. My type of humor. I did tell someone about the conference today, had I read your comment first I could have sold him on the pole dancers.