Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday Message to Michael

Single Flame
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Happy Birthday My Dear,

I can't sleep, or don't want to. It's your birthday, and I sit here loving you so much. I've had a candle burning all afternoon leading up to your birthday, and it still burns into the night.

Why does it feel like I am the one receiving a gift? I was feeling so sad earlier, then your birthday arrived, and I feel peaceful. I hope what I am feeling is your love coming right back at me.

People have often ask me if I feel your presence. I don't know if what I feel right now is your presence, or if it merely me reflecting on your love. Yesterday I bought you some flowers. They are a bouquet of white lilies and blue irises. The lilies are for me, the irises for you. Together they make such a beautiful arrangement. I know you would love them. Of course we both love irises, which did become your flowers. I happily concede them to you. When I bought the flowers all the irises had yet to open. Tonight I noticed they had all fully opened, and are so lovely.

Lilies & Irises
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Honey, for your birthday I want to say thank you. Thank you for choosing me. Thank your for accepting my love. Thank you for all the celebrations we shared together.

Michael, you were without a doubt one of the best gifts in my life. I was so honored to be chosen to be with you when it was time for you to leave. You must know that I have shed so many tears these past couple of years, especially these past four months. I want you to know that I would do it all over again for you Michael. You made me so happy, and made me smile like no other man could. Every night I lay here at look over at your picture. Your whole face is lit up by your smile, and your green eyes sparkle in the sun. You know that you have my heart.

Well, I suppose it is time for me to sleep. But let me sign off by saying once again, Happy Birthday Michael.

I love you.



  1. Dan, I will light a candle for Michael when I get home tonight.

    What a beautiful letter.

    My friend, I hope the feeling of peace and love wraps you up and keeps you warm for as long as possible.


  2. Thinking of you today, Dan. Wishing you more peace today as you are wrapped in Michael's love. I will light a candle when I get home too, for you and for Michael's birthday. Be good to yourself today.


  3. My candle is joining the others. Your letter is truly beautiful. The words are simple and heartfelt. I am glad you felt up to paying tribute to Michael in such a loving way with the memories and flowers. I do believe that when we express our love that it comes back to us in even bigger ways. I certainly felt the love between you fill my heart.

  4. Thanks to each of you. So far it has been a nice, quiet day.