Saturday, January 2, 2010


Sore Throat - Day 058
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I'm really not looking for sympathy today. That said, the daily Migraine Report calls for clearer days ahead, with a slight chance of return before the end of the weekend. Today inside 'Dan, in real time's' head, the pulsating, light and sound induced torture, has been reduced to subtle aura's (pins and needles, sounds worse than it is) and a less torturous headache. Unfortunately, I also woke up with a minor sore throat with swollen glands. What ever this is, it appears to slowly be working down my body. Did I mention that my shoulders are a bit stiff?

Sore Throat
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Okay, here's my motto, "it is what it is, take care of it." It's not the most sympathetic way of approaching common complaints, but it is what I tell myself, and much to their dismay, also to my kids. I don't like to complain too much, unless in trying to take care of myself, it persists, or is getting worse. By the same token, I don't tolerate too much complaining, even from my kids, more so if they refuse to do anything to resolve the problem. I know what they usually want, especially my daughter, which is the sound of violins playing, while I sit at their feet, and at their beck and call. Sorry, it's just not in me.

Salt water - March 20
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Funny though, when I am sick, as in these past couple of days, I tend to just isolate and not say too much. By the end of the day one of my kids realizes I'm not around much. They will say, like my youngest just did at 9:01 pm, when he asked "by the way, are you not feeling well?" I just have to laugh. 'Now let me see, I've been in my pajamas all day, I haven't eaten any solid food throughout, been popping pills, gargling with warm salt water, talking kind of funny', and your godmother just dropped off some soup for me, "no, I'm just fine." I'm just kidding about this last statement. I did tell him I've been feeling sick all day, and pointed out all the 'signs' of illness to him. "Sorry Dad," (very slight pause) "can I go play with my Playstation." Apparently, the lack of sympathy runs in the family.

Popsicles can soothe a sore throat. Cool.
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The day was not a total wash. I did finally make my way to my back deck, and did some work in my urban garden. It was a complete mess by my standards. There were pots overturned, either by the resident raccoon, or by one of the many neighborhood cats. There were many ghosts of what used to be flowers, which now varied from dry twigs to overly rain-soaked brown and wilting stems. There were vines that had grown out of control, and had begun slyly wrapping itself around innocent plants who are clueless about the hidden evils of urban garden dwelling. And last, but certainly not least, there were the ever present weeds, those guests that just won't leave.

The Dead and the Dying
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In tomorrow's post you can look forward to the sound of birds singing, bees stinging (no, buzzing), and a choir of fresh new floral inhabitants with their voices lifted on high as they gently, and respectfully, take up new residence in this pot or that.

There. I finished writing this whole post without once mentioning my ever present grief.


  1. i am glad to see that you haven't lost, or maybe you have just acquired it, your wonderful sense of black humor. sometimes it's all we have. "against the force of laughter, nothing can stand." ~ Twain

    i hope you get well very soon. take care of yourself. and, not to be too different from you or your clan but, you have my sympathies. back in early Dec. i was this close to going into pneumonia again but without my Dragon. and for me there was a difference in being alone and in being taken care of by him.

  2. I am glad you felt well enough to work in your garden - I didn't know you had one and I hope it helped restore you in the ways connecting to nature can do.

    I also hope you are on the mend as quickly as possible and that in the meantime you take care, rest up and stay as warm and cozy as possible.