Thursday, August 5, 2010


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Aircraft hijacking (also known as skyjacking and sky controlling) is the unlawful seizure of an aircraft by an individual or a group. In most cases, the pilot is forced to fly according to the orders of the hijackers.

Blog Comment Field hijacking (also known as Danjacking and comment controlling) is the unlawful seizure of a blog comment field by an individual, or a group (insert megan and bev, but who's naming names). In most cases Dan is pleased to provide space according to the needs of the hijackers (again, megan and bev, but nobody is casting any blame here.)

Listen, I take the time to post each day because I have a need to express myself, and I love the interaction, or shared thoughts, that come from it. Most days my time is taken up by the kids, so I don't get to read the discussion until later in the day. Although, in all honestly, I do get email notifications of comments left on my blog, and when those comments are adding up quickly, and being delivered to my iPhone throughout the day, I can only think of one thing, bev and megan must be at it again.

I love you ladies, and am so pleased to host these discussions. I just feel like I should be a better host, and have some tea and crumpets to offer during these discussions. And try to visualize the space during these discussions. I offer a neat, because I'm compulsively neat; relaxed, must be the drugs; and nicely decorated, after all, I am a gay man; cyber loft for any and all who wish to make use of the space. Consider it a common room where any one, at any given time, can start a discussion thread.

You know, us widowed people have been through enough shit, that we should be able to just kick back, and make use of what ever space is available. Life is tough enough. When we see an opportunity to talk about it, or make light of it, we should not have to apologize about where, and when, we made use of this opportunity.

In other words, ladies, and gentlemen, Mi Casa Es Su Casa.

By the way, I saw on Facebook that some of the early arrivers of Camp Widow, were chatting, and having drinks, at the Marriott. I was still sweaty from my yoga class when I got home and saw this message. I quickly changed my clothes, splashed myself with cologne, and was off to the hotel. What I found was a circle of wonderful people sharing stories, and feeling really excited about the weekend. It was also great to meet some of my fellow bloggers, Supa, Hyla and Matt, there tonight. It was the perfect way to get a head start on all the bonding, laughter and tears that await me at Camp Widow.

I can't believe that I am widow name dropping. What has become of my life?


  1. Glad you don't mind a little hijacking now and then. Oh, and I had actually noticed the neat, relaxed and nicely decorated surroundings here. (-:

    How cool! You've *already been* to Camp Widow, you old name-dropper, you! I must say that, sitting here in my old house on the riverbank, socked in by fog this morning, I'm just a little envious of all of you, getting to know each other down in sunny San Diego. Oh well! (pats dogs on heads and sighs).

    Have a terrific time, Dan. I look forward to all of you bloggers writing about CW whenever you have the time!

  2. I have brought cyber-pie. And blackberry ice cream. I consider bringing my conversations with bev over to her cyber loft, but you know she has no indoor plumbing right now, and I don't want to tax her system.

    I will boldly acknowledge that I have friend-crushes on several blogging widowed folks... I would name drop too. Completely envious of actual tea and pie (or crumpets) and relaxed surroundings with in-person people happening. (Pats dog on head also)

    ps - the code I had to type was "akinned." Nice.

  3. Enjoy Camp Widow Dan et al ! I had been hoping to attend myself, from Canada. I first thought that I would fly, but then decided to drive. Holy crap is it a long ways to San Diego!! I couldn't get away before the 28th of July and now, today, I sit at a Starbucks in Half Moon Bay, somewhere in California. I don't think I'm gonna make it! Lol.
    Think of me and raise a glass to all and sundry. I'm thinking of you and knowing that it will be great. The posts on "Widow's Voice" have been so inspiring and moving this week as other widows prepare to get together with other widows. . . . . sigh - no dog to pat unless I find one on the street outside the Starbucks.

  4. (bev, popping in to say hello to widowsquared).

    Oh, Dorthea, I'm so sorry you have driven all that distance and don't think you will make it to Camp Widow in S.D. Yes, it is a long way there. I drive from eastern Canada to BC and then down to California each autumn, but take my time with plenty of camping along the way. That would be a long haul to do alone and in one shot. You've done well to get so far in that short a period of time! Take care of yourself.

  5. Here it goes again Dan! - Just want to add that I am on day 10 of my trip - it has been absolutely wonderful. My daughter was with me until today when I dropped her off at the San Fran airport. This is my first night flying solo. I am also camping and enjoying it. The Pacific coast is amazing - the drive awesome and interesting.
    I'll keep in touch.
    More later,
    PS - Dan - I'd love to hear about Widow Camp. ;)

  6. Hi Dorthea.

    You made me homesick mentioning Half Moon Bay. I spent many happy times in Half Moon Bay, as it is in my part of the world. Well, what used to be my part of the world. It's too bad that you can't join us at Camp Widow. It would have been so nice to sit and talk with you. But I'm sure there is much to be gathered from where you are at, and all of your travels.

    Tell me more about your trip. Where is your final destination, and how long will you be traveling?