Saturday, August 14, 2010

Poetry Slam

Poetry Slam
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Pity Party

If I threw a pity party who would come?

If I threw a pity party who would care?

If I threw a pity party would it be fun?

If I threw a pity party, do I dare?

Stupid rhymes. Moronic feelings. Pathetic life. Table for one.

I love my family, but why is it painful after seeing them?

I love my family, but why does my life seem less then?

I love my family, but I'm so jealous.

I love my family, but where is my joy?

Smile. Be grateful. Get over it. Move on. Let go. Be at peace.

My words, not theirs.

I'm fine. I'm just lost in thought. It's getting easier. It's gonna be better.

Lies. Lies. Lies.

Get home. Lock the door. Go upstairs.

Cry. Cry. Cry.


Love walked in

Love walked in, but changed it's name.

I thought I could trust it, but I should have know.

Love can be deceiving, it hides it's face.

It caught me in it's trap, then went in for the kill.

Love dressed in black, could I not see?

I gave it my all, but in the end, it left me.

I know what they say, Love doesn't die.

Oh really.

It left me for dead.


  1. Goosebumps. . . . and I was just planning on coming on to comment about how early you posted tonight


  2. Well done. Many thoughts that are probably familiar to all of us here.

  3. I'll come to your pity party.

  4. Wow, moving poems. As C said, goose bumps.

  5. i think there are times when feelings of anger at fate, devastation at knowing you once had it all and had to watch it slip away, can well up inside life try to take hold. that's when you need to let it out. a walk on the beach to either curse fate out loud or re-center yourself might help. working in your garden might help you get it out. or, writing poetry.

    know that you are in my thoughts as September draws near. i may not know what to say since i do not know what to say to myself sometimes, but know that i understand. i wish you peace.