Saturday, June 26, 2010


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Today has been a gift. My closest cousin flew up from Orange County for the day. He is doing me a big favor, and is driving Michael's car down to his home so I will have it closer to San Diego. So now I will have two prized possessions in San Diego. One precious daughter, and one sentimental car. Or is it one sentimental daughter, and one precious car?

My daughter has been calling and texting me throughout the day. Whenever she is not involved in a group activity, she is on her phone. "I miss you so much Daddy." "I'm so homesick Daddy."

"They eat only vegetarian food here Daddy." "You don't sound like you miss me Daddy!"

Yes daughter, I miss you terribly.

"Good, I'll call you first thing in the morning."

Oy vey.

Other than the food, my daughter sounds very happy to be there, and says she has a lot in common with her roommate. I'm pleased. Now, if only I could find happy places for the boys.

It is so comforting to spend the afternoon, and evening, visiting with my cousin. We get each other very well. He is unfortunately one with us, as he lost someone as well, many years ago. I feel so validated after talking with someone who truly understands what I am going through. It was such a gift to have this time with him. He is also someone that Michael loved and appreciated.

I think we all know that new experiences, challenging ones especially, are easier to adjust to when we find someone we can relate to. It is always gives us an opportunity to say anything, and everything that we feel. It is also a time when words don't need to used to fully express our self, as the other person understands just by recognizing a familiar look upon our face. And even for somewhat solitary people, like myself, it is a time when someone else can carry some of our heavy load, if only for a few hours, or a day.


Speaking of companionship. A very talkative 12 year old just crawled into my bed. So much for a night of peaceful sleeping.


  1. That's so nice about your cousin coming to visit and drive Michael's car south for you. It always makes me feel good to hear that others have friends and family who are there for them. Being in my own situation with not so much of that, I can very much appreciate what a difference it makes to life when you have someone to talk to - especially when that someone has some common ground. Well, sounds like things are coming together there with regard to the move. I look forward to reading about this new adventure in the coming weeks!

  2. so glad you had that, dan. To be with someone who gets it, with whom you don't need words to describe anything, you don't need to explain who you are - that is a huge burden lifted, if only for a little while.

  3. Companionship by one who gets it is a true gift. I'm glad you were on the receiving end of that today. Have a great week, Dan.