Saturday, November 21, 2009



originally uploaded by jon fobes.

Can't sleep, missing him.

His skin is smooth, his chest full of hair.

The broadness of his shoulders, I trace with my hand.

The curve of his back, sturdy and strong.

I reach for his face, cradle it with care.

He smiles so gently, his breath fills the air.

I brush against his lips, as they curve with desire.

He looks at me, pulls me close,

Michael, you make me feel so alive.

His eyes are alluring, gentle, yet bright.

His voice like poetry, "I love you too my dear."

The warmth of his body, it fits against mine.

Such joy, such beauty,

I surrender control.

His fragrance fresh, like the ocean breeze.

I sensed it just now.

You're here Michael, I feel you with me.

Thank you honey, you know what I need.

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