Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Grief

Angel of Grief 1When grief takes a hold of you there is no choice but to submit. If we choose to put it aside, to not fully acknowledge it's presence, then it will only engulf us at a later time.

My truth is that grief has entered my heart. When Michael left this world I was left with a void that cannot be filled. That is my reality today. What tomorrow brings I do not know. To act as though I am not in pain is of no service to me. I, like others who have lost their spouse, find that acceptance of the finality is not as simple as "moving on with my life." When I invited Michael into my heart, it was not a time limited invitation. My love for Michael is eternal, he will always occupy at place in my heart, and a place in my life. I start my day with the reality that he is not lying next to me. I acknowledge his absence, take a deep breath and move forward. I end each night in sorrow, and let the tears flow as I tell him I love and miss him.

I pray each night that in the hours that I sleep, he will be with me.

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