Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walk a mile in my shoes.

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Tonight was week four of my LGBT Bereavement Group. We are building quite a camaraderie, as we continue to gather, and share with each other our common experiences with grief. We are each at somewhat different places along this journey, yet each knows the pain of losing that primary person in our lives.

There is so much comfort in just being in room with this group of people. In this one area of life, we have all walked a mile in each other's shoes. I look around the room as see the knowing nods from others as I speak. When one cries, we all seem to get quiet, and allow that person to feel held by us collectively. Sometimes I derive so much healing from the silent pauses, which eventually lead to our taking a deep breath before moving to the next subject.

There are also tender moments where we share a memory that is humorous in retrospect. I love these moments. I see them as hope inspiring. They show me that with the right person/group of people I can find fleeting moments of joy, and laughter, that needs to rise out from under all the gloom.

I've walked a mile in you shoes.

You've walked a mile in my shoes.

Let's to walk together.

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