Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Remembering Our Honeymoon

One year ago today, Michael and I left for our delayed honeymoon. Our destination was sunny, and at times stormy, Puerto Vallarta. We stayed at a beautiful hacienda style villa which caters to gay men. Being that it wasn't high season we often had full run of the place, which included the clothing optional pool. As Michael's days were quite unpredictable, we spent most of our time swimming in the pool, or walking to the local beach for sun, drinks and more swimming. We ate out at many of the highly recommended restaurants, and were in hog heaven.

One of our funniest experiences with meals was stumbling into a Brazilian BBQ restaurant. We didn't quite understand the concept prior to being seated at our table, but it was an all you can eat meat menu. The waiters were constantly walking from table to table with huge metal skewers of meat! Michael was just loving it, and all he seemed capable of saying was "yes" to each selection. His plate was being piled higher and higher. As for me, the waiters kept looking at me with distrust, or maybe an air offense. I don't eat much meat! I would only say yes to chicken, which wasn't what they were peddling. So with each visit to our table the waiters would get a "yes!", and a "no gracias." Michael and I laughed so much through that meal.

Another wonderful memory was taking a late walk around old Puerto Vallarta. We stopped by many of the businesses, stopped for a drink, ice cream, whatever tempted us. It was a very warm evening, and eventually we ended up at the gay beach. Unfortunately neither one of us were dressed for swimming, and nude swimming is definitely not okay in Puerto. But just off the main beach were two bathing suit boutiques, which were both about to close. I had a brilliant idea. We could each run into a separate shop and buy a new bathing suit. We would then surprise each other with our new suits, and have a romantic swim in the moonlight. We both ran in, and within minutes, exited the shops with sexy, and skimpy, speedos. We were both just beaming with joy, and had a wonderful "From Here to Eternity" moment in the waves of the beach. It is one of the most carefree, romantic, and happy times I can recall..

In the end, our honeymoon was all that we expected, and needed it to be. There were definitely times where Michael's illness gave us a scare or two, but we didn't let them restrict our enjoyment. The weather was hot, our time together was hot, and we were happy.

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