Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Missing Michael

Tonight I am missing Michael terribly. I yearn for his touch, to hear his voice, to see his eyes sparkle when he smiles. I miss his humor, I miss his annoying habits, I miss him sitting here next to me working on his Sudoku.

Michael was my husband. I loved being married to him. I knew the night I met him that he would steal my heart. He was sweet, charming, cute and insecure. I had not been in a long term relationship for many years, yet always knew that it was what I desired most. Michael gave me the opportunity to lean on another man. A man I could share my love with, and share my life with. He rounded out my family in such a positive way. He supported me and the kids through many challenges, and gave us the opportunity to give back.

I always felt like I was missing out on one of life's most cherished blessings, which was to be committed in mind, heart and body to another individual. He fed my passion. I loved finding that right blend of sexual desire and deep emotional intimacy. He was an intellect with a heart of gold. Together we continuously worked on finding compromise in our relationship. We had different ways of dealing with conflict, and yet we learned to respect our differences. Michael liked to "sleep on it," and I liked to process things all night long.

I loved sleeping beside this man every night. I loved the comfort of his warmth, and the tenderness of his touch. I loved watching him sleep, and waking up with my legs tangled with his.

We had a marriage, we had a family.

We had our community, we had our life.

I miss Michael every day.

I miss him terribly tonight.


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