Friday, September 17, 2010


Today is turning out to be a good day. It started out slow, and took a turn downward as far as my emotions go, but since this afternoon has been going great.

For those that are not on Facebook, and haven't already heard, I named the dog today. It's Fido. These past few days my kids have been asking when we were going to stop calling the little guy "dog" and start calling him by a name. I hesitated to do this because I didn't want to get too attached to him in case his owners suddenly appeared. But it doesn't seem that anyone is going to come forward, and besides, the little doggy has fallen in love, with me.

I can't make a single move without this little guy following me. If I leave the house I can hear him crying at the door. Wherever I am sitting he is right there, and constantly pushing his little head under my hand to remind me to give him all of my attention. And I can stop buying napkins, as he is constantly licking my face. Now this alone would make Michael cringe. He hated to see anyone being licked by a dog. He was a bit of a germ freak, and always had something to say about how unsanitary this was. I can still see the look of disgust whenever our other dog, Ranger, was giving his wet kisses to any of us. I tried to stay away from receiving any of these canine kisses, because one lick and I was not going to receive any Michael kisses for the rest of the night.

I'm sure I have shared on here before, but Michael and I loved our zombie movies. I in particular, love satire, and this movie, "Fido," is definitely one of my favorites. It's a really sweet film about a boy and his flesh eating pet zombie, aptly named Fido.

All morning I was trying to come up with an appropriate name for the little dog. I needed to get our other pets new tags, as the old ones had our San Francisco phone number. I thought that since I was buying new ones for the other two, I should buy one for our new guest. Just in case he ran out of the house, I would at least want someone bringing him back. And, of course, if nobody comes looking for him, then he will need a tag, as I know I will not be able to part with him. Damn, just what I needed, another mouth to feed, and another of God's little creatures that depend on me.

Anyway, since he did arrive the day after the one year mark of Michael's death, and he did seem to arrive just in time to distract me from going down a potentially dark path, I wanted to name him something that tied him to Michael. After coming up with many tangentially related names, none of which felt right, it came to me. Fido.

From there my day began to shape up. My son Remy and I went out for a late lunch. My daughter Arianne came over to meet little Fido. Dante brought home a new friend from school. Then my best friend, Peggy, called. I had so much fun talking to her. Every time we talk we always laugh so much. Even when we talk about serious issues, we always find ways to see the humor in it. And since we have been friends since we were 12 years old, we know each other very well.

From there I got onto Facebook, and started posting pictures, and interacting with friends and family members. It felt so good to have so many people responding to the things I was posting. Many of the messages made me smile, and many had me laughing. Such good energy.


  1. Well, now I know who "Fido" of the zombie movies is. I'm not that familiar with zombie movies, so I'm glad you posted some photos! Good name for your little dog. I hope he becomes a permanent addition to the family!

  2. Hi Dan,
    Sounds like that little dog just might be yours. I have heard stories of dogs adopting people. Guess you have been adopted.
    Question - Where on facebook do you go?

  3. Love the name! Had a feeling he was adopting you! Have a sweet weekend!

  4. Personally, I think Michael sent Fido to you so he could pour out his love on you, wet face kisses and all.

  5. I like Jude's explanation for the timing of Fido's arrival. (-:

  6. Dorthea, do you have a facebook account? That is where the conversation sometimes gets going. Just open an account, if you don't have one, and send a friend request. Once there you can connect with all of us, and be notified when these conversations start. It's a good way to share quick information.

    Jude, I like your thinking. I just wish Michael had sent a dog that didn't shed as much. For a short haired little dog, he leaves quite a mess where ever he goes.

    It's funny, I hadn't considered that the dog was adopting me. I really like that line of thinking.

  7. maybe - maybe - his shedding is a stress reaction, and it will lessen as he settles. Could certainly be just a shedder, but maybe not. I totally agree that he adopted you. Too precise to be random. "All the houses on all the streets, and you walk into mine..."

  8. You should be able to get rid of that kind of short hair using a special kind of shedding mitten. I think it's called a "hound mitten" and is made of rubber. You use it on very short haired dogs like Dalmatians, etc..

  9. I have a furminator for my cat, and used it on Fido today. It helped a little, but I don't think it is the right tool. I'll look into the mitten. Stress or not, his little hair is every where. But, he's still cute as hell.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  10. "Too precise to be random." Word.