Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chicken Soup

11/2/07 Day 90: chicken soup for fever fog
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Today I'm looking for a bit of a breather. A break of sorts.

It was one of those days when I feel like I accomplished a fair amount with the short amount of time. My day at work was cut short, as my 11 year old continues to struggle emotionally, at home and at school. Monday he was asked to return home, as his behavior was beyond the school's control. Today didn't go much better, and right as I was beginning to eat my late lunch that dreaded phone call came through. Oh well. We were able to have a quick check in with his psychiatrist, changed his medication, then were on our way to complete the day's errands.

By the time I arrived home, my poor daughter, who has been terribly sick since returning from vacation, (too much fun in the sun?) mentioned that I appeared to be in a really good mood. "Is there a reason you're in a good mood?" Well, by all accounts I shouldn't be. Maybe I'm in shock?

Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I decided to accept this good mood, and give the universe a big Thank You.

So what does one do when they are in a good mood? Well, for me, I make chicken soup. No, I don't always make chicken soup, just when one of the kids are sick. As knowledge of the soup began to spread among the locals, I got a big thumbs up from the ever gracious daughter, and a big disgusted frown from the youngster. The final vote goes to the poor middle child who is currently at his jiu jitsu class. But knowing the apple doesn't fall far from the other branches, I fully expect a moaning 16 year old to say... "Do we have to have soup?"

Thank you, thank you, my ever so appreciative boys. Now eat your damn soup and get out of my kitchen!

Where was I? Oh yeah, my good mood, and taking a breather. Fortunately for me, I was taught long ago that you can't make everyone happy, so don't even try. Now I can't honestly say that I always follow such sage advice, but today I am a happy camper. If you have a complaint, take it somewhere else. I'm feeling too good to care.

Now, what about me? This house is not quite a democracy. Like any other good politician, I do hold town meetings, and truly want to hear what the community is thinking. But, when it comes down to a decision, or the final comment, I run more true to a monarchy. It is my right as the head of state, er, father. I say, let them eat soup. In fact, let them eat chicken soup.

Okay, so I suppose I need more than a pot of soup to take a breather. I know that chicken soup has many healing properties, so I do plan to eat plenty. But, what I am needing is some entertainment, and some chocolate. I think I will find us a nice movie to watch on pay per view. Maybe "The Blind Side." I know poor Sandra is going through some tough times, so I'll do my part by watching her Oscar winning performance. And while I enjoy the movie, I will be devouring the last piece of my Dove dark chocolate Easter bunny. Maybe I'll wash it down with a diet Pepsi.

How sad is this scenario? I am a healthy 50 year old man. Still young and vital by some standards. I should be out there, living the good life. The problem is, I don't know where 'out there' is, and the good life is not something that I'm all that familiar with.

I can hear the crowd now. "Of course you have had the good life, Dan. Remember when you were happy? Remember that hunk of a nerdy man named Michael? Boy oh boy did you two have some wild nights. Do you not remember those wildly delicious times when he would... sit in his Darth Vader pajamas, blue plaid bathrobe, and big floppy slippers, and with that naughty little grin run his fingers across...his Sudoku book?"

Yes, folks, we had some wild times here at our home. But let me tell you, when your man's brain is being overtaken by a horrible tumor, you cherish every little moment that he uses his God given gift. And let me tell you, every once in awhile, when he would be concentrating very hard on his next numeric move, he would begin to notice the intense pride that was being beamed from the lucky fellow to his left. He would ever so slyly turn his head, grinning that big gorgeous grin of his, and move in for the kill. A kiss.

Yes, yes. You may all applaud now. A happy moment.

Chicken Soup
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How do you make chicken soup? You throw everything that's good into the pot, and slowly simmer. You then sit back, and know that you indeed, had/have something good.


  1. Applaud, applaud! I'm glad you had a much better day. I just watched The Blind Side a couple of days ago and I loved it. It's a good movie for the whole family, according to my boys. I hope you like it.

  2. Yes Deb, we did watch it, and we loved it. I always love when the kids watch a good movie with me. It always inspires such insightful discussions in the days that follow.

    I hope you and your boys are well.

  3. my smile is soft on my face as memories pass in front of me. i know the weakness one can have for a smile. and a kiss.

    i'm glad you had a good mood and a better day. and i'd like some chicken soup. my Dragon was the cook of all cooks. wow. nothing i make tastes like his meals did. sigh, and as for movies. i'm a sci fi/horror/action/adventure nut. i know that Mega Piranha plays on Saturday night on SyFy. hmmm. maybe not a good one. (people get eaten.) i guess i could suggest "The Art of Travel." it's about a guy who finds out that his fiancee has been unfaithful so he takes his honeymoon alone, embarks upon a year long adventure traveling the world, meeting people, and discovering quite a bit about himself along the way. beautiful scenery. being literate - quoting a book - saves his life from some guerrillas in the jungle of Central America. i like this movie as it inspires me to rise above and move away from people and things that try to keep me down.