Friday, April 2, 2010

Love is in the air. (not what you think)

Don't go too Far / Love is in the Air
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Well, once again we have extended our stay here at the resort. The kids got up early, knowing we were due to check out at noon, and were off to the pool. When I got up and found my way down to the buffet breakfast, they all began lingering in. They were all "starved" according to each of them. Everything is always something big or extreme. After breakfast we were all back to the pool . Then is started, "Daddy, can we stay longer?" Okay, go ask how much they would charge for a late check out. "Dad. there is no charge. We can stay until 2pm!" "Dad, Triston doesn't get here to work until 2. Can't we stay longer?" Okay Remy, go tell the front desk that each of you want to stay one more day, but that we are quite poor, and cannot pay their going rate. Ask if they will take pity on you, and give us a good rate. Of course Remy does this. "Dad, the guy at the desk says yes, he can work something out. Ask for Andy." Allright, I will go ask. I'm told they will honor to low rate I found on Expedia if we want to extend our stay. How nice.

I return to the pool. "Well Dad, what did they say?" Well, I had to tell a bit of a lie. I told them Remy had cancer, and this may be his last vacation. Remy says "What?" They said they would lower our rate if Remy would appear at a luncheon later, and pose without his wig. "What the hell? Are you serious Dad?" Yes, Remy. If you want to reward you whole family with another night at the resort, we need to go upstairs and shave your head. All three pair of eyes on me, as I started to laugh. The look of relief on Remy's face was priceless.

Last night my boys were both off enjoying themselves. They have truly enjoyed the freedom that has come along with staying at a resort. The place is quite isolated at the end of Coronado Island, so there is really no where for them to wander off to. The kids are also a bunch of social butterflies, so they know most of the young pool staff by first name at this point. About once an hour they meander over by the lobby bar, where I had planted myself each night with my laptop. They check in, ask if they can charge yet another snack to the room, then are off once again. My daughter has found herself a bit of a holiday romance, which she will scream when she later finds that I have mentioned it here. My youngest son, also claims to have found a vacation girlfriend. Of course, the role of this girlfriend has changed a few times I feel sorry for the girl, whoever she may be. Not because she has my son's affections, he's a very cute kid. But kid he is. He walks around with his rock star hair do, and is a real talker. Even the cute pool guys stop to mention what a cool kid I have. I say thanks, and if they have a cool uncle or much older brother send them my way. I'll be at the bar.

Last night I had a wonderfully elegant late night dinner with my beautiful daughter. She was waiting for the guy she likes to get off of work, so she was able to fit me in. Although I caught her looking for a clock a couple of times, she was the best dinner companion I have had for quite some time. She loved the view, and decor of the restaurant. She was interested in how the meals were prepared. She shared her memories of Michael, and what he would have ordered from the menu. And she made pleasant small talk with all the restaurant staff. What more could a guy need? She was the perfect date. Good thing the boys didn't know there was a nicer restaurant upstairs from the lobby. No fights, no orders of burgers and jumbo onion rings. Quite the class act.

I miss evenings like that. Michael really enjoyed the nicer things in life. He brought a sense of elegance and form to our dinners at home. He taught me to enjoy the nicer restaurants, and helped me know which wines to pair with each meal. Although in the last year or so, wine was definitely off the list for us. In fact, alcohol has been something that has not off the list for me for quite some time. As my daughter struggled, struggles with issues with alcohol, so I have chosen to abstain for the past few years. I do make the exception when Michael and I have been away on a vacation. I made a choice this week as well, since it is not just a vacation for the kids, but for me as well.

The lobby of the hotel, houses the very nice bar, which is the only area where they provide free Internet connection. So, for several nights, as well as tonight, I have been partaking in various forms of adult beverages. So sinful I am. I has been nice, as the waiters and waitresses are all very friendly. I do wish I didn't need to rely completely on this laptop for companionship, but things are what they are. I have not met any single adults here. Aside from myself, they don't seem to exist. It's okay, I can keep myself company.

My son Remy just dropped by to say his girlfriend, Lila, needed to go have dinner with her family. My son Dante, recently came by to say he was ordering some more onion rings from the restaurant to go. He is apparently on the prowl for a girlfriend of his own. He wasn't much interested in my advice that onion rings might not be the way to go. My daughter, Arianne, just returned briefly to say her vacation guy, Triston, will meet her after he gets off his shift at 8:20pm, but has relatives in town, so he can't stay very late with her. Arianne just took Remy to the restaurant to eat dinner near Remy's Lila, just to keep it all interesting.

I, being the 50 year old widower, remain here in the bar, drinking my pomegranate with vodka, munching on dry peas in wasabi, and M&M's. Perhaps I will order myself some food soon. Man, life has changed. I'm the old guy, sitting alone on a vacation, watching my kids out scamming on all the locals. I am so proud.

Love is in the air.

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  1. Daddy you have been spelling his name wrong. its TristAn not TristOn. Thanks so much for our vacation. I had so much fun. I wish people would leave you more comments but im sure there are plenty of readers. I just want to tell you how much i appreciate you and our life together as a family. we all belong together. Cant wait to read your post for tonite. I love you Daddy!

  2. Dan,
    I have been one of the silent followers of your blog. I want to thank you for putting into words how I felt when my husband passed away 4 years ago. The being the only single person in the room, wanting so bad to just be in my safe place at home with him...his memories...his things. I remember being in a very nice resturant in Monteray Calif. on business shortly after he passed away, looking around the room and physically getting angry at a couple across this wonderful room with these incredible views of the bay, they looked like they were bored, bored with the dinner, with the view and with each other.I remember leaving the table going outside and so so angry...we never would of sat at a table in such a wonderful place and been was not fair.

  3. Thanks for sharing your comment. I agree with you, in that in also makes me angry to see couple take for granted what they have. I work hard at not being too envious, but have trouble when I see couples that don't seem to care. How is it that we that did, had to lose our spouses?

    None of this makes sense.

  4. I agree it doesn't make sense..I sometimes wonder if we would of had longer would we of gotten to that point...bored...not looking forward to each minute we had with each other...I don't think so..I know for us we found each other when we were a bit older and had past relationships so we knew what we wanted and was so grateful we had found each other that we made sure each day that we talked....not just the day to day weather and bill stuff but really talked. Now 4 years later at the age of 49 I wonder will I ever have that kind of relationship again.....I sure hope so!