Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Words & Phrases for 100 Alex

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Honestly, I am beside myself.

What the hell does "beside myself" mean?

Speechless with bewilderment. Dumbfounded with a tad bit of shock.


To be honest : to tell the truth.

what is... "A pointless exercise in futility"

1. An action that achieves no end or goal.
2. An action to achieve a goal that is unachievable.
3. An action that achieves an end or goal that is in itself pointless.

Trying to effect change in your child often feels like a pointless exercise in futility.

what is..."Exasperation"

1 : the state of being exasperated
2 : the act or an instance of exasperating

what is..."Exasperate"

1 a : to excite the anger of : enrage b : to cause irritation or annoyance to
2 obsolete : to make more grievous : aggravate

what is..."Regret"

An intelligent or emotional dislike for personal past acts and behaviors.

what is..."Grief"

1. intense sorrow: great sadness, especially as a result of a death
2. cause of intense sorrow: the cause of intense, deep, and profound sorrow, especially a specific event or situation
3. trouble: annoyance or trouble ( informal ) His parents gave him grief for coming home so late.I got grief for missing the appointment.

come to grief to suffer misfortune or ruin
good grief used to express surprise, exasperation, or dismay


Word may refer to a spoken word or a written word, or sometimes, the abstract concept behind either.

Honestly, I am beside myself.


  1. we are beside you also albeit in a spiritual way, metaphorical way, in some way we are close. but these are only words. i hope you can draw some comfort from them.

    here's another word i like and am also working towards: peace. i very much wish it for you.

  2. I cannot say anything more eloquently than wNs has already said and I completely agree. We're beside you and wishing you peace. Keep breathing, ride the wave and hold on. In my experiences, calm water always appears eventually.