Friday, October 15, 2010

Keep Going, Growing, Change.

Keep Moving Forward

Today I was receiving some supervision time with my current supervisor. We went over all my new cases, talked about how my training was going thus far, and discussed questions that I had about the job. When we were done talking shop she asked how things were going at home. Before I could come back with some quick response, doing my usual deflection of my reality, she told me she really wanted to know.

One thing that has really struck me with a few new relationship that are building at work is that people genuinely want to know who I am. They all understand that my being here in San Diego is a direct response the the loss I have suffered. I have felt quite respected for how I am living my life, and I have felt genuine care for how I am doing.

Today I used this opportunity to discuss the difficulties that I have been having with my 16 year old son during this past month. For the most part, well for all of the part, I have not had the chance to speak to anyone about how challenging life has been for us at home. I'm not sure if he is going through a manic cycle, or if he is just regressing from the strides he seemed to have made during the past 6 months, but life for all of us here has been less than pleasant.

I know that as a family we will get through this. The outcome may not be exactly how we would like it to be, but I have to trust that it will get easier, or a decision will be made in order to make life less complicated. My main point here is that I need to have an outlet. I need to find a way to make up for the lack of having a second parent around. This is definitely not a new revelation, merely a reminder that it doesn't have to be something I always carry alone. And while talking about these difficulties with a friend in no way compares to having Michael around, it is clearly better than going it completely alone.

One thing that came out of the talk with my supervisor was this. Clearly I am tired, and frustrated, with how my son is behaving, yet I need to see life from his perspective as well. He has had many challenges in life. He had to experience all that we went through as a family these past couple of years, and try to integrate it all into this experience of life as he understands it. His ability to understand is compromised in general, but more so during times like this. On top of all of this, the one person he relies on the most for his own stability has been less than stable himself.

I think about how many times Dante has called me out regarding my thinly veiled emotions. I think about how uncomfortable this always makes me feel. I think about how often he has told me that I am no longer the same person, that I have changed so much. I think about how unsettling this must all be for him. I think about how I can reach him in a different way. I think about how hard all of this is. I think about how much I have gone through during these past few years. I think about how I have landed on my feet. I think about finding new ways to help him do the same.


  1. I'm finally able to drop leave a comment. I wondered how Dante's martial arts lessons are going? Does he seem to be finding that as beneficial to his happiness. It seemed that the classes in SF had become central to his feelings of happiness and achievement. If he has lost that source of stability along with so many other aspects of his life, I can see why he would be having a hard time. Sometimes, and especially for children, it only takes having one favorite thing go well for you, in order to make the rest of your world tolerable. When that one thing vanishes, it can make it difficult to cope. I think adults fee some of this too, but our greater experience allows us to realize that there will be other good things in our life in the future -- at least, that is a hope.

    I'm glad that your coworkers are understanding and attentive to your situation. That should help to make life at least a little easier.

  2. Beautifully written.

    It's so nice to have people to have an open conversation with knowing they won't be judgmental.

    I like the new perspective you have gained about your son. Your love for him is evident. I'm sure you will get through it!