Saturday, October 30, 2010


Okay, so I had to write tonight. I'm being my ol' obsessive self, and couldn't resist the need to make it to 365 days of non-stop posting.

I'm not sure what triggered the beginning of this "No Day Without A Post" thing. It was probably done without much thought. Yet, once I realized that I had begun writing every day, I decided to make a personal commitment to talking in "real time" every day for a year. I kind of knew that it would be a way of making a commitment to be somewhere, and to have others in turn expect to find me here each day.

There were so many times during the past year, especially in April, that I really didn't want to continue, with writing, or with life. There were definitely some very dark days, and having made this commitment gave me a purpose beyond just going completely under with my grief. I also wanted to create something. I wanted to have something for others who later follow me in grief, to look at, and perhaps find something that allows them to feel less alone.

When Michael died I was at a complete loss. I didn't know where to turn. I wanted so much to find others who were like me, and began searching. My initial searches were for other gay widowers. I looked for blogs, books, websites, anything really. I didn't find a hell of a lot. I feel proud of myself, in that I have now created a place where other gay or lesbian widowed can seek, and find, someone else out here who has been in their shoes.

What surprised me, is all that I have gained from this experience. I have gained so many wonderful and loving friends. I have gained an appreciation for my experience thus far. And I have learned that there are more people than I originally thought, that can relate to me as a widower, without getting tripped up about my being gay. Now I'm sure that there are many that have found my blog by chance, then quickly left once they read the sub-heading that says "One Gay Man's Journey Through Love, Life and Grief." This is true, as I have been able to use my site meter to see who enters my blog, and how quickly they leave. That's okay, I don't expect to be everybody's cup of tea.

What is important is that we are all here. Those of us that choose to share of our experience, offer a wide range of diversity from which other's may choose. We expose our hearts and souls, find healing, and enter into the exchange of support. It's an incredible medium, and we should all be proud, and grateful. And even though my writing will now be less frequent, know that I am still here day by day, plugging along, trying to make sense of my life.

I hope to one day have the strength of heart to read what I have written during this past year. I have never gone back to re-read any of my posts. Once I publish them, I let them go. It helps me to not dwell too much on the past, and to not get pulled down by taking myself back through some of the darker days.

Love to all of you.

God bless, and Namaste.


  1. Hi Dan,
    I feel for you when I read your posts. I think you are doing fine. one day at a time. Believe it or not eventually One day you will feel better , you wont forget but it wont be so sad to remember. praying for you Ann

  2. i keep you in my prayers. i hope you continue to find peace and loving friends. i hope you find happiness in your new home.

  3. God Bless you too. I am so impressed that you wrote every day. Your words always touch me, make me laugh, make me cry and have me nodding my head in agreement. I will miss reading you everyday, but I totally support what you're doing. I look forward to hearing about your new home and how life unfolds as you become settled in your new reality. Love you!

  4. thank you for all of it, dan. your strength in writing everyday meant ao much to so many of us out here. I'll be thinking of you and checking in often. hope you will be moving and growing in the most positive ways possible. love, carolyn

  5. Thank you Dan for your real time posts. I am like Suddenwidow - I laughed, I cried, I nodded in understanding.
    You are a wonderful man and I thank you for your candid and authentic sharing of your journey.
    Good luck with every day in every way.