Sunday, October 10, 2010


Tonight's time and energy were put forth in seeking a new image for my blog. When I first created this blog, almost one year ago, the background was in black, and the image was somewhat stoic. That was where I was at the time.

About six months ago I redesigned the look with a grey background, and with the image of opening doors. The image was one that I really connected with. It was a passage way, with a bright light glowing beyond the long dark hall, and through the opening doors. It spoke, again, of where I was at. I was on a journey, and had a better sense of where I was headed.

In anticipation of this next phase of my writing, coming to the one year mark of this blogs beginning, I wanted to push myself further. I am a very visual person. There has been one thing that was constant in my life, and that is the image on my blog. I return to it each night to begin my daily post. It comforts me in being so familiar. It keeps me centered, and reminds me that I continue on the same journey each day.

It is now time to shift once again. It is time to push myself toward a vision of life that has a better sense of renewal. I know that I won't always feel so renewed, yet it is part of my daily mantra. If I seek renewal, then I will find it. When I cannot imagine renewal, I will look to the images, and words, here to remind myself of this ongoing journey.

On my left arm are these words: Peace Comes From Within, Do Not Seek It Without.

These words are with me always. They float through my consciousness each day, especially as I begin and end my yoga.

Lotus Position: Padmasana, or Lotus Pose, named so because the position puts the souls of the feet up, reminiscent of a lotus flower. The prime position for meditation, it is the most renowned of all Hatha Yoga postures.

The lotus flower is a symbol of purity, and the Lotus Pose is a frequent pose for meditation and pranayama, or breathing exercises. Breath is the purifying power in the human body; deep, slow breathing purifies and energizes our bodies. This spiritual meaning of the lotus flower is transferred into yoga asana practice in the form of the seated meditation posture.


  1. I like your new "look". It is very peaceful.

    (and the guy doing yoga is easy on the eyes too ;-)

    You are so right, I have learned that choosing the right attitude and being "open" definitely helps us ... some days we might not "walk the talk" but hey, that's what the "Widow Card" is for ;-)

    Love you Dan xxx

  2. the lotus flower is a beautiful, peaceful statement. congratulations on being part of Widow's Voice. i pray your outlook continues to carry you on to feeling more and more lightness in your heart. you deserve peace and joy.