Friday, July 23, 2010

Sign me up!

It's Friday early evening, and I'm back to Starbucks.

One of the frustrations I have had is not being used to being a renter. There have been several things that needed to be arranged, or repaired, that I am not able to approve, as I am not the owner. This is new territory for me. I am used to being completely in charge, and able to get things done rather quickly. The most frustrating thing has been getting the cable and Internet set up. Nobody appeared for my scheduled appointment this morning. Then when the tech did appear later this afternoon he said he was only there to install the telephone. I said thanks, but no thanks. I have no need for a telephone if there is no Internet. The boys and I have been quite frustrated without our access to the net. Me with my blogging, and they with their gaming, it has been a challenge. It appears that none of us really care much about the television, as we don't seem to watch it much these days.

I was promised that I would be online by Sunday, but I'm not holding my breath. I was able to deal with all of this with a rather peaceful approach. I didn't sleep much again last night, as I am going cold turkey off the sleeping pills. I have always suffered from insomnia. Prior to Michael getting sick I used to require sleeping pills maybe once or twice a week at most. After his diagnosis I required them every night. It has been a long process of needing them for sleep, and now being dependent on them. Now that I am not working I decided it was the perfect time to get myself off them completely. I end up sleeping a few hours a night, and wake up quite early. I was up at 5:30am, listening to a yoga podcast, then doing my morning yoga workout. It was a very nice way to start the day.

My daughter is here spending the day with us, so I took all three kids shopping for summer shorts, something we had little need for in San Francisco. I also found a wonderful Rock Camp for my youngest son, the electric guitar player. It will only last one week, and will require me to sell off most of my possessions to pay for it. They also run this program throughout the school year, which will hopefully be something he can participate in. He is very excited about this.

As for me, I have another private yoga lesson scheduled for next week, and plan to begin attending a couple of group classes this week. I'm also thinking of joining the Frontrunners, which is a gay running group. They meet twice a week for group runs, and also have a group walk for those that need to move slower. I'll hopefully start with the runners, but as time creeps up on me I may need to move to the slower group.

I am becoming quite the joiner, aren't I? Of course it is all a nice distraction. Well, to be fair, it is more than that. It is my new life. I am enjoying it.


  1. Sometimes I try to remember how life was before the internet. Just to assure you, the process of getting phone/internet wasn't easy as a new homeowner either. (I just purchased a home in June)

    Apparently the person living here before me had unreturned equipment & an outstanding balance, so they needed to make sure we weren't related.

    The good part about it was that it was an excuse to go to the local, organic coffee shop. The bad part was slurping a $5 mocha on a daily basis along with that. :-)

    Glad to hear you are finding yoga.


  2. Not a great solution in your situation, but when I travel in the U.S., I have a modem stick that I plug in to my laptop and it gives quite a fast connection in most cities and a lot of towns. I have a different one that I use in Canada and it actually works here at my place in the country, so that's all I'm using. The only problem is that you can't hook up a bunch of computers to it -- actually, you might be able to using a USB hub, but it's kind of a convenient thing. A couple of people I know in Portland, Oregon area are using sticks as their main net connections as the sticks are actually faster than the DSL they'd been using (which wasn't working right in recent years -- too many people on the networks, I think). I think the stick I use in the states costs me something like 25 or 30 a month for the basic amount of data transfer.

  3. Nice to hear you are doing things for yourself. Not working may be a blessing in disguise. I have called participation in the world: "joining the land of the living". I am just starting to do some of it myself. Enjoy your physical endeavours, they will help you to feel better.