Saturday, July 10, 2010

The difference that I seek.

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Late night.

Today I took a bit of a break from my packing mania. I had a visit with my mother-in-law and Michael's best friend. We all just sat around talking, and catching up about each other's family. It was one of my goodbye visits.

I must say that it has been weighing heavy on my mind that my move will be difficult for Michael's mother. Although we only see each other every couple of months, we have become each other's link to Michael.

This is only one of many ways in which I often feel obliged to think about the needs and desires of others before my own. There are also factors with my children that needed to taken into consideration. Yet, it is a time that I need to think of myself for a change, and do what I know is best for me. I have spent most of my adult years putting other people's needs before my own. By doing that, I have made many sacrifices over the years.

Now is my time. I don't claim to know that this move will be all that I hope it to be. At the same time, I don't have too many expectations. It is a change of scenery. It is a move in a new direction. It is a way to be closer to my extended family. It is different from where I find myself today, and that difference is what I seek.


  1. i just wanted to post a comment to say thank you for sharing.

    I stumbled across your blog following links and comments and wanted to post- just express that I have read your words and taken in your thoughts.

    Your story is a heartbreaking one, but I am happy you had time- short as it may have been- with your partner.
    Thank you again for sharing- it is a beautiful reminder to appreciate my loved ones all that much more.

  2. I think there comes a time when we realize that we won't be much good to anyone else if we don't take care of ourselves. There's nothing wrong with seeking rest, recovery, and renewal. Those who truly care about us understand what we must do in order to carry on.

  3. Ditto - the saying goes: We are not any good to others if we are not good to ourselves. Just like the air bags on the plane, give yourself oxygen first.
    All the best. . . .


  4. Thanks to each of you for your encouragement. And a special welcome to Hawkfeather. Dorothea, I love the idea of giving yourself oxygen first. I have such a long history of making sure everyone else is breathing before me. It's not easy to change my ways, but like Bev said, those that care about me will understand.