Thursday, July 15, 2010

Talk Talk

You talk too much
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There is nothing like being ahead of schedule. Today I found that almost everything that needed to be done on the house was now completed. As long as I don't start adding more quick projects before closing up the house, I may very well be on the road to San Diego tomorrow, a day early.

My day was mostly spent out of the house, running some last minute errands. In the middle of it all I booked one last massage here in cloudy San Francisco. The massage itself was good, as my poor body has really taken a beating with all the work on the house this week. I went with a new massage therapist, who was good, but very chatty. Ordinarily I don't like there to be any talking during a massage, as I like to just get into my own zone. Today I had no choice in the matter, as this guy really seemed antsy for some conversation. At times I found myself laughing quietly, as he was actually quite funny in all of his ramblings. There were moments when I thought to myself, does he really think this is relaxing? Anyway, he seemed quite intrigued by all of my tattoos, and at one point asked "who is M.W.L.?"

I answered that the initials stood for Michael Walter Lowrie, my deceased husband. I then explained that he had died ten months ago. It was one of those moments where you never saw it coming. He too had suffered a loss many years ago. One of his first boyfriends, with whom he had a stormy relationship, that was on and off several times, died in a house fire during one of their separations. He said that it was a horrible experience, as he kept thinking if only they hadn't broken up yet again, that this might not have happened. We didn't stay on the subject too long, but were able to discuss some of our similar experiences with grief. He then asked if this loss is what precipitated my move to San Diego. I said that yes, it had brought me to the point that I needed a new environment, and something new to move toward. He seemed to easily understand my decision, and wished me well.

Then he began talking some more.

So maybe it wasn't the most quiet of massages, but it was a brief opportunity to be with another gay widower, and for the both of us to feel connected.

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  1. So, you're almost finished up and may be on your way to San Diego today. Wow! I'll bet that a couple of weeks ago, you wondered if this day would ever come (I felt that way when I sold my place and was leaving to travel).

    I hope all goes well and that you have a good and uneventful trip. How are your boys feeling about it? Excited? I expect there must be some air of adventure about all of this.

    Looking forward to hearing about your first days in your new home. Take care.