Tuesday, July 20, 2010


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Another quick trip to the local Starbucks. This time I'm in the Linda Vista part of town, while my son Dante is at his new Jiu Jitsu lessons. Starbucks has become my best friend. Free WiFi provided by AT & T. No, I'm not getting a commission on this, just grateful for the service. I finally got the needed form signed to get the cable and Internet connected to the house I'm renting. The problem is, their first appointment isn't until Friday. Oh well, this is getting me out of the house.

Oh, let me share something with you. On Sunday the kids and I were heading out for a quick trip our storage unit, and the owners of the home came by. They were showing me around the place, and gave me a tour of the complex next door, where I can do my washing, and where I have a parking spot. They currently have their car parked there, which is fine, as Michael's small car is currently in Orange County. I told the owners that I didn't need the space until my car gets delivered to me. They asked what type of car it was, in answering I said, well, it was actually my husband's car, but he died 10 months ago. The wife quickly said yes, I know, I follow your blog. Can you believe it?

Anyway, while sitting here I decided to look up a yoga instructor that teaches at various sites her in my area of San Diego. I booked a private lesson for tomorrow afternoon. I have never done yoga, and I am probably the most inflexible person you will ever meet. Now, if Michael were here he would be joking about how I'm not just physically inflexible, but emotionally as well. Smart ass.

I'm wanting to begin a new practice of meditation, yoga, focused breathing, the whole works. This is going to be the new me. Who knows, I may really like this. If not I could always go in the other direction and start hitting all the local clubs for some late night dancing and partying. Highly unlikely.

Well, my son just called to say he is done with his class early. This means he likely didn't have a good experience. I better go find out what happened.


  1. I hope Dante's jiu jitsu actually went okay. I was kind of wondering how he would find a new place as it sounds like the last place would have been a tough act to follow. Well, maybe things will be okay once he gets to know some of the people better.

    Yoga sounds like a good idea. Although I've never given it a serious try, there are tons of people who are into it in the town where I spend the winter. I was actually contemplating trying it this winter. I'll be interested in hearing more about your sessions.

    So, you are a celebrity blogger now! (o:

  2. Hi, Dan. Just wanted to say, from my experience, that yoga has really helped in the breathing/circulation department (it was recommended by my cardiologist). I've been able to sleep really better as a result, and have a more flexible body. Depending on the "branch" of yoga your instructor teaches, you'll focus more on meditation or stretching exercices, but I believe you can benefit either way.